Horse Show


BRÚNIR HORSE is a small family-run company, based on the farm Brúnir in Eyjafjordur, North Iceland.

The Icelandic horse is unique as it is the only breed in the world that holds all five gaits; walk, trot, gallop, tölt and flying pace. The aim of the show is to introduce the Icelandic horse in its natural environment and tell about its history. Unique qualities of the breeds are brought to life with emphasis on the horse‘s multiple skills and diversity.

The daily horse show is offered from the 15th June each year until the end of August. The show is available upon request and takes around 20 minutes. After the show, guests are welcome to pet the horses and ask questions about the horses and the breeding. It is ideal to have some local refreshment at the on-site café after the show.



Location of the horse show:

When driving from Akureyri, you can either drive road 821 (Eyjafjarðarbraut Vestri) or 829 (Eyjafjarðarbraut Eystri).

When driving on road 821 – Eyjafjarðarbraut Vestri: Continue to drive towards the small village of Hrafnagil. Turn left onto road 823 – Miðbraut and on the T-intersection, turn right. Brúnir Farm is the first farm on your left.

When driving on road 829 – Eyjafjarðarbraut Eystri: From Akureyri, drive over the fjord on road 1 and turn onto road 829. Continue to drive for around 12 km (10 min). Brúnir Farm is the first farm on your left after the intersection of road 823 – Miðbraut.