Photo-Tour (realized since 2016)

“a Flirt with the arctic circle”

Monday, 27th of Aug – Saturday, 8th of September 2018

The 2018 Photo-Tour “a Flirt with the arctic circle” is a 13 day photo tour around Iceland under the guidance of a professional photographer Marcel van Balkom. The mindset of this photo-tour is Carpe Diem, dependent on the weather we will plan the trip so we can make the best out of it.

2017 Tour Video

We will visit most attractive and photographic locations around the island when the light is at its best. We will focus on nature photography in total, were we there will be room for landscape photography, bird and wildlife and macro photography. 24-hours a day we live and breath photography were photo sessions can be expected day and night. It will be an adventure where you will experience Iceland a

What’s included?

  • Rental of the camper.
  • The camping kit, which includes everything you need for sleeping and cooking (pillows, cover, linen, dishes, cutlery, cups, pans, pots, bowls, etc.).
  • (photographic) guidance.

What does the customer need to bring along?

  • Water/wind resistant pants and jacket, for example : 6North or Iceware hard-shell’s. (gloves and cap/head).
  • Sturdy walking shoes, for example : Lundhags, Meindle, Han-wag etc. (incl. good socks -> Merino wool !)
  • (Isolating) underwear, t-shirts, jeans and some slippers.
  • Photographic equipment for landscape, birds and macro photography. (incl. tripod, and a spare body and wide angle lens).
  • Photographic filters (Gradual ND, Grey filters, big stopper, little stopper, polar filters , preferably LEE).
  • Enough batteries for your camera (with cold weather they wear out quickly!)
  • Plenty of lens and filter cleaning cloth (advised is 10 pieces)
  • Refreshing Wipes

Physical difficulty level

During the trip, we will walk distances up to max. 10KM, the physical difficulty is classified as Medium.
We will not always plan the trips with the full group, you can deviate from the group and plan your own difficulty level accordingly.

Attention points

Additional cost for this photo-tour:

  •  Flight towards Iceland (Keflavik)
  • Additional insurance of the camper (per team / crew)
  • Camping fee
  • Gasoline (per team / crew)
  • food and beverages
  • Personal expenses

Age limit (minimum age)

18 Years

Exact days of the tours

Monday, 27th of Aug until Saturday, 8th of September 2018