Nordic Tours

“Your Travel Agency in Gebenstorf , specialised  for the marvellous destination Iceland”
Our family has created innovative and irresistible travel products for decades and thus acquired and expertise in the travel industry.  The first family operated Travel Agency was founded in Switzerland back in the 80’s, 1987 to be correct. The founding member is still a part of our business.


Proud to be certified as Iceland Specialist – our family business.

In a nutshell

  • We are both Swiss and Icelandic and know our countries by heart
  • On the basis of a long experience we are able to understand our customers needs and offer both products that are available online but also offer products that cannot be found online at the best price.
  • We operate our own RV-, Motor Home and 4×4 Camper rental station
  • We own 2 guest Houses and a Restaurant
  • We work with certified business partners that we hand picked for you

Johnson Group
The Johnson Group is a family owned multinational corporation that offers travel services primarily in Switzerland and Iceland. In order to offer you a 360° service we hand pick both our business partners and products within our own brands. F.e. we are the dealer for McLouis  and Travel Lite Motor Homes and Campers. By choosing the vehicles and visiting the producer we are able to fully understand the product and instruct our customer accordingly.  Much more can be added to list of things that we do to make your vacation experience perfect. After all vacations are the time we have to regain strength and collect wisdom for future days to come. We would like to thank you for the trust you have shown us and wish you the best vacation ever with Nordic tours.

Our Team in Iceland

Choose to become a Nordic tours customer and feel the first class service and support provided by Nordic Tours from the first minute you contact us. During your stay we have two teams on spot that assist you if needed. Part of our group is the largest Motor Home Brand called Camper Iceland based only 5 minutes from the international Airport. In the same building we offer a accommodation called Nordic Guest House. Both of these brands are operated by our Icelandic part of the family.

It is important to us that you can enjoy your holidays. That is why our teams on spot are at your service if you are a Nordic Tours customer.

Our Team in Switzerland

Our travel agency and sales team for the family owned products is called Nordic Tours. It is based in a city called Gebenstorf in the center of the beautiful state Aargau where our Swiss Family Roots origin from. Nordic Tours takes care of all travel related sales and advertisement matters for our group and creates irresistible travel packages. At the same time the Motor Home and Camper Rental Station Camper King is based here.